Size 6 size 4 size me??? I wonder this as I dig through the racks trying to find a dress that didn’t make me look matronly or pregnant. As a woman with curves it seems like alot of the clothes are made for the sample size girl. I make it to the section thats set aside for me… size 12.Now mind you I’m curvy so I’m really not a true 12 but my hips are…..So often I am met with the challenge if trying to fit my hips.

I select a dress…empire waist…how I HATE empire waist…next dress a sack with no shape….where are the cute dresses for my size?? I have curves but I don’t want to hide them behind volumes of fabric! Onward I go to jeans…first pair doesn’t make it past my hips…next pair the waist is waaayyy to big…of course. Honestly out of the 20 or so pairs I will try only 1 or maybe 2 will work.

As someone who works for a very well known company I am met with woman on a daily basis who struggle to hide, in their mind their flaws while convincing themselves that if they lose 5 no 10 pounds that dress they can barely breathe in now will fit. I believe that you dress the body you have and make it work..changing yourself means that you will are trying to create an image that isn’t there and may never be..but accepting your body and loving it for its flaws,cellulite, and non perfect stomach is the example of true confidence.

So as I peel off those last pair of jeans and put back that dress I had no business trying on I walk with confidence to a section that I know always fits and makes me feel fabulous…..the shoe department.


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