Fucci, Chafel, and Nada

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Gucci, chanel,prada names that are renown for class, style, and timelessness. Many of us women…and men have desired to be one of the many who carry those lovely labels on their arm. Some people save their dollars for months to buy that one bag they have been dreaming of since the day Sex and the City hit the airwaves and we got a glimpse of the latest Louis Vuitton gracing the arm of our beloved Carrie Bradshaw. But to what lengths will many of us go in order to carry the newest “it” bag? Does it involve going into seedy locations or buying our Gucci from the man on the street corner next to the Mcdonalds? I unfortunately are one of the many women guilty of purchasing my “Coach” bag during my lunch break, thinking that I was getting the deal of the century by doing so. Of course I was young, broke, and fabulous at the time a student and couldn’t rub two dimes together to make a dollar.

I even justified to myself that there was no harm in buying off the street and that no one would be able to tell the difference…not true because I could. Also the key that gave me away was the fact that my amazingly low cost designer bag never lasted longer than a month with the strap breaking because of the faulty craftsmanship. My “quick investment” resulted me being out of the 40 dollars I paid and the profit the vendor made off of me.

A place famous for its fakes Chinatown Newyork is notorious for the vendors who are one police siren away from getting caught. I have even walked through the factory with workers creating these designer originals with cheaply made fabrics, and faulty brand images to be sold to the next tourist who will fall for their false advertisment.

People fail to understand that by buying a fake or sometimes not even fake, but stolen goods from reputable retailers like Saks..makes them theives themselves. You may not have ran out of the store holding an armful of handbags or constructed that Dolce and Gabbana “original” per se but you are taking away from the livelihood of other individuals who have worked hard for respect and recognition among their peers. I know..what does that have to do with me right?

Buying a fake handbag or fake anything for that matter that claims to associate itself with any designer brand is a fashion faux pas. This business of buying and selling fakes result of millions of dollars in revenue for street vendors and the larger illegal busineses they support. However the fashion industry loses millions of dollars in revenue and the artistry of the designer is compromised and copied onto cheap fabrics.

If I were to add up all the money I spent over the years from age 16 to 21 on fake labels I could have instead bought a genuine leather marc jacobs bag, or even a Louis Vuitton speedy bag. Items I guarantee you I would still have to this day. Just think to yourself, next time you go to New York, the beauty supply store (because they sell them too) , or any corner of your major metropolitan area and you see that Prada bag hanging from the canvas ceiling remind yourself that fakes are never in fashion.


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