I wish I were Shopping…I wish I were Shopping

         For as long as I can remember I have been in love with fashion, my first and earliest memory was as a child shopping with my mother at the mall. I remember waking up and being surrounded by racks of clothes, reaching out my hand to touch them and falling back asleep. Be that as it may it was a foretelling of my future clothes semi obsession. The way a man looks at the latest model car from Italy or Germany is the way I look at a pair of shoes or hot handbag. It’s not that I need these items, I never need it…I desire it. Yet I face the problem that many twenty something year olds find themselves in, I’m a recent graduate from college, the job I have doesn’t pay enough to feed my habit, and the student loan/ real world is knocking at my door…HARD.

At the age of twenty three..dear god did I really admit that? My closet is my most valuable asset since I live at home, because like I previously stated I am a recent grad, makes my world seem that much better when bills come. If anything those H by Halston gold glitter heels that I hunted down and bought for 50% off makes having frozen lunches and special K protein shakes for breakfast worth it. This indeed is not going to be an article about me being broke and complaining, no this is going to be about how I manage to hunt down and find pieces both high end and lower end and create a closet even Carrie Bradshaw herself would be proud of.

Starting first of course with the H by Halston shoes, H by Halston for you fashionistas or fashionistos ( my male version) was created as a solution for people like us who want the glam but don’t want to have to eat cup of noodles for the rest of our lives (all of us have done it once). The line is now headed by our favorite New Yorker of style and glamour Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker. You may know her from a little known show called Sex and the City, and if you never heard of it what unfashionable rock were you living under. She took over the brand as Creative Director to revive a line that was in need of a little SJP magic. The H by Halston Stella was inspired by the famous Christian Loubotin Pigalle Strass heels she wore in SATC the movie 2. More affordable of course than their fabulous counterparts the shoe retailed at 80.00  and launched early fall 2010 at Bakers stores nationwide. The Stella was (I say was because now they are nearly impossible to find) available in gold, multi, and silver glitter also in a plain black, brown or white leather.

What I love about the shoe is it provides both comfort and style for the wearer, sadly many designers who launch more affordable versions of their brands often sacrifice quality, craftsmanship, and in the cases of shoes comfort. Not in the case of H by Halston the shoes feel comfortable and look amazing, I immediately wanted the multi colored but had to settle for the gold glitter still equally fabulous. The padding on the insole was real padding that cushioned the feet and the pain usually associated with breaking in shoes did not exist. The gold glitter detail that sparkles like diamonds when catching the light didn’t come off at the touch, which is what I found with other glitter shoe variations by different designers. Most importantly the shoe looked expensive, well made, and was an attainable price point. The shoes now sit proudly displayed in my room for me to admire until I find a great outfit to go with it. That purchase reminded me that sometimes it’s okay to save your money, like ten dollars a week to obtain that one purchase which will be a piece in your closet. Don’t get me wrong buying in bulk is great but how long will these items truly last? Do you want a piece that you will pat yourself on the back for being patient enough to save for and buy, or items that like your last boyfriend no longer exist?

Ms Fabulosity


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