Color, and Print, and Wedges oh My!

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Recently I walked past the magazine section in Barnes and Noble and noticed many of the fashion magazines headlines talking about the hottest looks for spring. Needing to be in the know I grabbed my essentials In Style, Elle, and Vogue (Harpers Bazaar is sent directly to my house). After spending close to twenty dollars on magazines (hey it’s a necessity) I started studying the pages to see what new or often not so new looks would be the must have for spring. Seeing the pages full of color and prints excited me, fall and winter are not my favorite seasons one because of the cold weather and two there are many layers required to get dressed.

            Spring is about revival, rebirth, and color. What I love in fashion is that it reflects the season it represents. Designers have once again become playful in their looks creating both structural and flowy garments that captivate the eye, combining color choices not made for the black, grey, and navy blue only crowd. Wedges have taken women to new heights emerging once again as the shoe of spring, no surprise here for many of us fashion lovers. Yet it is the way the wedge was done this year that was a little new by designers like Michael Kors and Derek Lam. I am not exactly sure what to call this “new wedge” but for now it will be called layer because that is exactly what the shoe appears to do layer one level on top of another. This layer shoe levels out the height between the heel and front of the foot. Not exactly the sexist take on the wedge but the most fashionably practical. I still personally prefer wedges with the look of a stiletto without the unavoidable pain.

            As I continued my fashion studies to the pages of Harper’s Bazaar I saw in bold that the color for spring would be none other than coral. Excited I took a mental note to find a few coral pieces for my spring wardrobe. Now for those who think to themselves isn’t coral like a shade of orange? Yes and no..but it is feminine, wearable with different skin tones, and has flexibility to play with different looks. For example the coral sweater that I just purchased while in NYC this weekend worked perfectly with the blue and white striped tank with bow accents, my skinny jeans from Old Navy ( they are soo comfortable)  H by Halston glitter heels, and Michael Kors Hamilton tote in Graphite Grey. Instantly the warm tones of my skin again made a starring appearance I cliché as it sounds, alive. Well known retailers like Bloomingdales and Saks have already caught on to the trend; coral is making a guest starring appearance throughout the store for many designers including my personal favorite Diane Von Furstenberg. Bloomingdales more affordable line Aqua has a cute coral romper for spring for only 88.00 that is flirty and would look great with a pair of flat sandals or sky-high printed wedges.

            Christina Aguilera a few years ago got us back to basics. The fashion world was inspired by her 40’s style creating silhouette enhancing skirts and updated naval looks. Well once again we are going back to basics, in a way with the Naval and strips trend emerging in our favorite stores. H&M one of my FAVORITE affordable retailers has already rolled out the naval and stripes trend. For less than forty dollars you can purchase a fabulous blue and white striped blazer with gold buttons. Of course I couldn’t just leave it in the store; it belonged in my closet and is now coveted by one of my good friends.

            Ethnic inspired prints are taking fashionistas and fashionistos back to Africa with eye grabbing necklaces, beautiful printed bangles, and dresses that make you feel as if you have stepped into the safari. This trend which makes an appearance every few seasons, thank God I purchased that gorgeous ethnic print DVF dress last year..reminds us of the beauty that combining different prints can create. Some of the designers like Gwen Stefani’s LAMB, Missoni, Marc Jacobs, and as always DVF reminded us that fashion is based on cultures and the history behind the culture. Many inspirations come from the past including the risk of combining different prints and textures. For the modern-day woman who doesn’t understand that mixing prints is not a fashion faux pas. It’s ok to combine polka dots and ikat prints as long as the colors in each complement one another and not fighting for individual attention.

            Finally soft pinks, nudes, and the classic high waist jean are the trend to watch for again this season. Nude which was a trend for spring 2010 is the black for spring, simple and chic the color can work with a gorgeous white cocktail dress or the color for spring coral. High waisted  wider leg jeans which when worn correctly can be professional and casual celebrate the versatility of a woman’s shape. What is great about high waist wider leg jeans are women size 0 to plus size can wear the trend with an equal amount of fabulosity. Paired with a flat or make them stare in wonder stiletto the trend which emerged originally in the 40’s will always reappear in the fashion cycle.

            Now is the best time to start looking for the trends for spring so you can be fabulous and fashionable for the upcoming social season whether it is for a cocktail party or going to the movies with friends. Go on search that rack of last chance clearance for winter while looking for that one Nanette Lepore dress you loved but was too much in September. But while on the hunt look up from your armful of must have designer bargains and notice the new displays throughout the store celebrating the beauty and fun of spring and get shopping!



Ms Fabulosity



3 thoughts on “Color, and Print, and Wedges oh My!

  1. This was actually pretty darn fantastic Vonnie!!! It’s like your voice has grown exponentionally since your last blog- this was an absolutely fabulous post. i’m so proud!!!

    1. Awww thanks Ails I’m really trying to remember my own voice when writing and to not sound cliche or like anyone else

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