Conquering the Fashion Jungle

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    Sadly anyone who knows me knows for a fact that shopping is not only a love, but an expensive hobby. Though on Saturday I found myself at the mall to “help” my best friend Kay shop for her birthday dress. I figured while we were searching the fashion jungle that is Tysons Corner I could be on the hunt for fabulous fashion finds. Laila Rowe was the first stop on my journey, captivating me with their beautiful printed scarves in African and floral designs, and selective jewelry pieces. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Laila Rowe the store which has locations at Montgomery Mall and Wheaton Mall, gives shoppers the feeling of being in an intimate boutique but at a price point that is affordable for every fashionista. Tempted to pull out the credit card, buy now and worry about the bill later I took in the array of colors ranging from corals to spring time greens. Rain boots in bright colors made the month of April showers and forth coming May showers exciting with cheetah prints and rainbows. Best part of all many of the fashion accessories and scarves were under fifty dollars.

            Making a mental note to return, we journeyed to the next store on our list Papaya a store that I first discovered while vacationing in Florida when I was in high school (god that feels like so long ago). I convinced Kay that we should venture inside to see what selections they had to offer. The first dress I see is a beautiful cobalt blue dress with ruffle going down the hip and two side pockets. I knew that this was the perfect dress for Kay, and even better the price point at 26.99 couldn’t be argued with. The second item a pair of denim colored pants that can easily be worn to the office or out on the weekend was an easy choice to select for my love category and at 20.99 it went from love to must have. Papaya’s price point ranges between 4.99 to 26.99 in store, and this is not including sale.

            I was happy with the finds that I have had so far while “helping” Kay in the fashion search, but I didn’t find anything yet that made me say wow this is fashionable, fabulous, and affordable. Yet I was about end my doubts that this existed when I turned the corner and saw in Urban Outfitter’s something different, a dress that combined the inspiration of the 1970’s with a modern feel. Rose pink, tan, white, and brown greeting me with triangle downward stripes from the chest to waist, a band separated the horizontal stripes breaking the pattern. The open back design broke away from the idea the dress could be conservative with button straps going across the back and at a price point of 59.00 makes it accessible to many.

          I loved the prints and bright colors that filled the space with tops that made me reconsider paying for my coveted Diane Von Furstenburg top and putting a lot less of the money for only 59.00 it is an adorable floral printed dress that made me beg for the return of warm weather and my wedges. Then I stumbled upon a cool sheer black top with navy blue and black stripes along the back that for only 36.00 called for a fedora, skinny jeans, and your most fabulous heels. A line of cool color blocked flats ranged from lime yellow to heather grey hung against a fixture; I desperately looked for my size in hope after taking in the price of 26.00. I wanted every pair, of course I didn’t know where I would put them I just knew I wanted them. Again the temptation to purchase overcame me, but I fought it and walked away empty handed. Needless to say Kay didn’t, but she did find a fab dress to wear for the night that I am very proud to say wasn’t black.




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