Violet Boutique: DC’s latest fashion jewel


On tonight my stilettos ( mustard colored) found themselves inside the doors of Violet Boutique located in Adams Morgan for the monthly DC Faab Bloggers meetup. The outside windows, painted Violet of course displayed unique, colorful pieces, making the passerby intrigued to enter. Upon stepping into the glass doors fashionable women, shopping, and immersed in conversation filled the room. Immediately I recognized Lacey of the blog A Lacey Perspective, who along with Julie blogger of Something to Smile About, founded DC Faab. Wearing a fuchsia colored flower, with a black blazer and printed shorts, she looked like a DC version of Carrie Bradshaw.

 My eyes searched the room for other recognizable faces, and of course I saw many and met some new, while bonding over of course fashion and the icebreaker comment “ I love your ( shoes, purse, outfit, accessory).” Accompanied by a glass of wine, I began to search through the colorful merchandise, and lovely selection of accessories. What I love about Violet Boutique is it actually is a BOUTIQUE, the selection is handpicked and there is only one size run of each piece. According to Julie Egermayer, the selection is constantly updated and never repeated.

 Violet Boutique has merchandise that can actually become fun pieces in a wardrobe seeking fabulosity on a budget. Oh I didn’t tell you the best part? Nothing in the store is over a 100 dollars, yes I am telling the truth. Finally a store that has cool, downtown chic merchandise, that is well made and doesn’t have to cost you an entire weeks salary. Of course me being me, I found three pieces that undoubtedly will become staples in my (constantly expanding) wardrobe. An ostrich material inspired red clutch for 30 dollars, a pair of costume jewelery gold two tonal earrings for 14 dollars, and Ray Ban inspired shades with gold detailing for 10. Three pieces for under 60 dollars ( there was a promotional discount for DC Faabers), made me fight to not reach for my credit card. In a place like Violet Boutique its hard not to have a Confessions of a Shopaholic moment and surround yourself with piles of clothing (like some DC Faabers who will remain anonymous).



In love and fabulosity,


Ms Fabulosity


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Violet Boutique

2439 18th St
Washington, DC 20009



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